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1,2-Propylenediamine techn. A/P

1,2-Propylenediamine techn. (1,2-PDA) is an alphatic difunctional amine.



1,2-PDA is used in the production of polymers for adhesive and sealant applications.

As a building block, 1,2-PDA is a raw material for the production of polyurethane resins (polyester polyol and polycarbonate diol). It provides a balance between hardness and flexibility, adhesion, weatherability and hydrolysis resistance. It is also used as a chain extender in the production of polyurethane dispersions.

1,2-PDA is an essential ingredient for the production of elastomeric fibers. It is also used as a building block in the manufacture of medicines and plant protection products, colorants, textile auxiliaries, pigments and optical brighteners.

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CAS No.: 78-90-0

CAS No.: 78-90-0

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0,4KG Glass bottle

180KG Steel drums

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  • Pest Control
  • Pest Control / Any Pest Control Applications

  • Intermediates