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Amix 1000

AMIX 1000 has numerous applications, for example in asphalt additives, corrosion inhibitors, gasoline and lubricant additives, or as an intermediate for epoxy hardener systems.



AMIX 1000, an ethylene amine mix, is used mainly in the field of asphalt additives. In a diverse range of applications, AMIX 1000 also serves as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel and lubricant additive, and is used in epoxy hardener systems.

AMIX 1000 is a component used in what is known as “antistrip” additives for asphalt blends. These additives facilitate adhesion between mineral and bituminous asphalt components.

In addition, AMIX 1000 is a component of fuel and lubricant additives and epoxy hardener systems, and it serves as a corrosion inhibitor in various chemical industry applications.

Product Details

éthanol, amino-2, produits de réaction avec l'ammoniac, sous-produits

CAS No.: 68910-05-4

Package Information

0,47KG Fibreboard boxes

1KG Glass bottle

200KG Steel drums

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Oilfield Solutions
  • Oilfield Solutions / Any Oilfield Applications