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AMIX TE belongs to the class of ethanolamines and is mainly used as grinding aid in the cement industry and as a performance enhancer of both cement and concrete.



Ethanolamines are used as a building block, ph-neutralisation- as well as dilution-agent.

Ethanolamines combine the properties of amines and alcohols in one molecule. They exhibit the unique capability of undergoing reactions common to both groups (bifunctioncal). As amines, they are mildly alkaline and react with acids to form salts or soaps. As alcohols they can can be transformed to ethers and esters. Ethanolamines are miscible with water, most alcohols and polyols.
Most of their industrial applications are dependent to some degree on these features.

Product Details

CAS No.: 102-71-6

CAS No.: 102-71-6

Package Information

0,5KG Glass bottle

1KG Glass bottle

230KG Steel drums

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates