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Capromer PD1-20

Capromer PD1-20 (polycaprolactone) is a speciality polyol for high performance polyurethane application.



Capromer PD1-20 has a very low melting viscosity for easy processing of PU elastomers. Capromer offers outstanding low-temperature flexibility for thermoplastic elastomers used in technical applications and coatings. It is particularly suitable where high hydrolytic stability is required together with good lightfastness.

Capromer-based polyurethane dispersions are the best choice for any textile and leather application.

For coatings applications the low viscosity makes high-solids systems or even solvent-free formulations possible. Such coatings offer excellent weatherability and chemical resistance.

Product Details

2-Oxepanone, polymer with 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol

CAS No.: 69089-45-8


Package Information

1KG Plastic bottle

200KG Steel drums