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Cyclohexanedimethanol divinyl Ether

CHDM-di is a divinyl ether monomer with broad utility



Adhesives and Sealants

CHDM-di is a reactive diluent for UV- and peroxide-cured adhesives and sealants.

CHDM-di is a reactive diluent for unsaturated polyesters, UV coatings, and release coatings.

CHDM-di ether is a reactive diluent for UV-inks.

Product Details

Cyclohexane, 1,4-bis[(ethenyloxy)methyl]-

CAS No.: 17351-75-6

Package Information

0,5KG Glass bottle

180KG Steel drums

50KG Steel drums

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Packaging, Print, Printing
  • Packaging / Any Packaging Applications
  • Print / Any Print Applications