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Ethylvinylether stab. 0.01% KOH

Ethylvinylether is a colorless unsaturated monomer with an ether-like odor.



Ethylvinylether is a comonomer for fluoropolymer resins for highly durable coatings. It provides solubility, adhesion and crosslinking.

As a comonomer, ethylvinylether is used in the production for polyvinyl ether resins. These soft resins are saponification resistant and improve the adhesion and flexibility of printing inks.

Product Details

Ethene, ethoxy-

CAS No.: 109-92-2

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Architectural Coatings, Intermediates
  • Architectural Coatings / Any Architectural Coatings Applications

  • (Pharma) APIs & Raw Materials, APIs & Raw Materials

  • APIs & Raw Materials / Any APIs & Raw Materials Applications