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Formamide is a formic acid amide that is used widely, for example as an intermediate in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and paper finishing industries.



Formamide (HCONH2) is appreciated for its versatile properties as an intermediate for the production of 1,2,4-triazoles in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and for the production of vitamins and pyrimidines. It also serves as an intermediate in paper finishing and as a solvent.

Formamide is a colorless, slightly viscous, hygroscopic liquid that is characterized by its high dielectric constant.

Product Details

CAS No.: 75-12-7

Package Information

0,5KG Glass bottle

1150KG Composite IBC

230KG Plastic drums

Industries & Applications

  • Crop Protection, Pest Control
  • Crop Protection / Any Crop Protection Applications
  • Pest Control / Any Pest Control Applications

  • Intermediates