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i-Nonanoic acid

i-Nonanoic acid is a monofunctional carboxylic acid intermediate.



i-Nonanoic acid is used as a monomer in the synthesis of alkyd resins for stoving enamels and two-component paints (primers and topcoats). It brings better yellowing performance in comparison to fatty acids.

Driers based on metal salts are also produced with i-nonanoic acid.

i-Nonanoic acid is used in the production of polyolester synthetic lubricants.

Product Details

CAS No.: 3302-10-1

CAS No.: 3302-10-1

Package Information

0,4KG Glass bottle

185KG Steel drums

5KG Steel drums

900KG Composite IBC

Industries & Applications

  • Intermediates

  • Any Applications

  • Industrial Coatings

  • Performance Polymers, Pigments, Plastic Additives, Plastic Additives & Pigments