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Methyl formate pure

Methyl formate (MeFo) is a chemical intermediate used as a binder in the foundry industry and for other purposes.



Methyl formate is used as a binder in the foundry industry (beta set process). It also serves as a blowing agent for a variety of polymers.

Methyl formate is a water-clear, highly flammable, quickly evaporating liquid. It dissolves slowly in plenty of water.

BASF produces methyl formate at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Product Details

Formic acid, methyl ester

CAS No.: 107-31-3

Package Information

0,5KG Fibreboard boxes

185KG Steel drums

Industries & Applications

  • Automotive
  • Automotive / Any Automotive Applications

  • Automotive

  • Intermediates